By Altamash Urooj


Projects, musings and freedom of expression.


Congratulations ! You made it ! 

You got your first paid job as a photographer, you did it ! You have succeeded !

Oh ! CONGRATS ! You got your first big project ! Shooting a factory ? Your first experience on a crane ? Amazing, congratulations !

Your first fashion shoot with a proper team, model, stylist, designer, hair and make up artist, great location, amazing sunlight, you did it ! YOU DID IT ! You made it ! 


Your first magazine cover ! Amazing ! Congratulations ! You win ! 




What !?! Your first Hollywood celebrity Fashion shoot ?!!? YOU MADE IT ! You are gonna be famous now. You are going to make so much money.



WHAT ?!?! You're broke ??!!? How is that possible ??!?! But you made it ! 


Never rest on your fucking laurels. You have not made it. You will never make it. You will die trying. So either die, or GET BACK TO WORK.

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