By Altamash Urooj


Projects, musings and freedom of expression.

The life of a photograph


I love watching my photographs end up in all kinds of places after they leave my stead. Once it’s out there the images can end up anywhere really, all depends on the client’s prerogative. 


As an example of how a photograph can have a lasting career on it’s own without my efforts, I’d like to share a simple portrait shoot I did for the german DJ Sabrina Terrance. She needed photographs

for promotional material, and we had a very quick shoot with 4 final photographs.


Here are examples of where the images have ended up since I handed them over to her ( at least what I have found through her ). Feels great to see my images in so many different layouts. It reminds me of that gnome from Amelie, an inanimate object that just starts to travel on it’s own. Just brilliant !


Altamash Urooj