By Altamash Urooj


Projects, musings and freedom of expression.


I wanted to take my old 5D mark II for a spin. Thought it would be fun to challenge myself and take only my flash and my 40 mm fixed pancake lens and shoot a small concert with it. I missed having a wide angle often during the event, but the simplicity made it pretty convenient and I was not worried about smashing my 24-70 into any headbangers or equipment. I eventually moved the flash off camera and just held it with my left hand to get nicer drama and high contrast imagery ( and just wanted to fun to throwing light around ) which made for some entertaining portrait moments.

The only issue I had once the flash was off the camera was due to it being so dark, the 40mm focus was pretty slow and I had lots of embarrassing moments where I was just not able to focus. I would quickly move to manual focus but with the flash in the other hand it was pretty damn hard, and a few images ended up being slightly ( or very ) out of focus. I don't mind though, overall it was a fun experience and I got to enjoy the music, have a few drinks and really be a part of the event instead of a spectator. 


Here's some of my favorite images below ! 

Altamash Urooj