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Chantal's Birthday Bash


Chantal Brocca. I went to this girl's birthday, and even though I knew she has a taste for the theatrical, I did not expect her to set the place up with backgrounds and lights and props, it was awesome, I was kicking myself that I did not bring a camera.

Enter Waleed Shah, a well known Fuji Film photographer who I had befriended online but not met in person. He was just hanging there. He said he had to go somewhere but he would be back in a few hours. 

I spent the next couple of hours just socialising, making friends and drinking. Around 1 am Waleed comes back and says he you wanna shoot ? At this point I was game for anything and he happened to have his profoto B2s along with his fuji gear in the car. He handed me his back up X-T20 and we proceeded to take turns shooting the birthday girl while the other lit her using gels and the B2s. It was a brilliant hour with an amazing woman, an lingerie designer and blogger, Chantal's dancing background really made the difference and we ended up with some very surreal shots.

It was pretty cool to see how differently we both saw similar situations.  Waleed was all about extreme angles counter Chantal's extreme poses, while I was more observational in my compositions to set her be the star. Here are my shots from the shoot. 

We shot on this insane aluminium background for part 1, and took it outdoors for the next session. The birthday girl is truly a brilliant model.

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